Driving during winter can be dangerous because of the icy roads. For you to be able to drive safely during winter, you need to choose your tires carefully.

Studded winter tires got their name from the metal studs on their threads. The metal studs work by gripping the icy road and giving the car more traction. Icy and snowy roads have loose surfaces that increase the chances of sliding.

Like the studs on the football shoes, studs on studded tires dig into the loose surface and improve grip. The studs anchor the car on the road and prevent the vehicle from sliding on the ice.

To get the best performance of studded tires, the studs need to be on the four tires. Fixing the studs on the front tires only or the rear tires only makes them less effective.

With studded tires, you will increase your steering responsiveness and driving stability.



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